Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Strength

Once upon a time, a warlord was terrorizing villages in the hinterland. Stories of his cruelty raced across the mountains and whole villages emptied before his path in order to escape him. As his litter approached the last of the settlements, he smiled a smug smile and said to one of his soldiers, "The village is empty, I presume."
"Yes, Sir," the soldier said. "All of the people have fled before your path- with the exception of one monk who seems to have no fear."
The warlord was aghast. "What!" Said the warlord. "Bring the old fool to me immediately. I'll show him what fear is." When they brought the old monk into the warlords tent, head high, shoulders back, the tyrant ranted at him. "Do you not know who I am old man? I am he who can run you through with a sword and never bat an eye!" The old man looked straight into the warlord's eyes and smiled a simple smile. "And do you not know who I am?" he replied. "I am he who can let you run me through with a sword and never bat an eye."

From 'Seeing With Our Souls' by Sr Joan Chittistar

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